Do You Want Your Listing To Have Greater Reach & More Exposure?

Do You Want To Generate More Leads From Your Listings?

Do You Want To Show Your Sellers What True Real Estate Marketing Can Look Like?

If the answer is YES, then our New Listing Marketing Campaign Package is PERFECT for you!


Making An Impact Before The Home Is Even Listed…

Depending on the situations within your local market, there are great ways to market a listing before it even hits the market. These ways not only will GENERATE BUZZ FOR THE LISTING itself, it will also GENERATE LEADS for YOU and YOUR TEAM!

This is also a great way to help with consistent branding of you and your team.

We have different strategies in place to get community involvement with Coming Soon Facebook posts, getting local businesses involved, and including posts to Instagram as well.

This package includes at least 1 “Coming Soon” posts on Facebook & Instagram, which includes a graphic overlay on one photo, and a link to your website. 






The home is now live on the market and it’s time to really open the flood gates.


A new round of digital marketing will roll out with appealing graphic overlays over provided images along with lead capture links to your website. Added details will displayed for additional exposure through Instagram, and a Facebook post will be launched ready to be boosted to your target demographic. (Boosting a post is not included in this package)

Timing is everything! The timing of this post will only be completed once the Coming Soon Marketing is finished and the listing has fully syndicated to YOUR website for LEAD CAPTURE.

This package includes at least 1 “Just Listed” posts on Facebook & Instagram, which includes a graphic overlay on one photo, and a link to your website. 


Creating An Open House BUZZ Because Face-To-Face Relationships Are The Best…

When we’ve asked prospective buyers “How did you hear about the open house?” we usually hear the following answers:

#1 The sign while we were out driving & #2 Online. It’s important to get your marketing where your clients are. We have experience with all aspects of real estate marketing, and know when it’s important to begin marketing and sharing open houses, how to best target your audience, and how to get their attention, even down to the signage – follow our Facebook page for frequent tips!

Additional leads will come in from how the open house is marketed through social media. When we market the open house, the posts on Facebook will have a link to your website. Be sure to have forced registration on your website, and if the prospective buyer wants more information on that home, they’ll need to register to continue clicking through pictures or reading about the home.

This package includes at least 1 “Open House” posts on Facebook & Instagram, which includes a graphic overlay on one photo, and a link to your website. 


Under Contract – Now THAT Is Something To Celebrate AND Share!

It’s a time to celebrate with your Sellers, and a time to celebrate with your team. But wait – THERE’S MORE… It’s also the perfect time to pick up some new prospective sellers.

If Happy Homeowners down the street from Sally Seller was somewhat thinking about selling her home, and then saw that Sally’s house SOLD SO FAST and it LOOKED SO EASY because she had an AH-MAY-ZING Real Estate Agent on her side (YOU!) then NOW is a time to roll out a great campaign that you sold Happy Homeowners house in LESS THAN 3 DAYS – or however the situation occurred.

We roll out a complete “Under Contract” Marketing Campaign with graphic overlay over a headshot of the property complete with a link to your home valuation page of your website, and your phone number – all within a Facebook and Instagram post.

This package includes at least 1 “Under Contract” posts on Facebook & Instagram, which includes a graphic overlay on one photo, and a link to your website. 


All above is included in a one-time investment!

Starting at $200/Listing.

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Step Four

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